Ross Stackhouse - May 30, 2021

Inspired: What Happens When You Live by the Spirit

People are spiritual but not religious these days. This is not breaking news. In fact, it’s more boring news at this point. What shouldn’t be breaking news, but perhaps is, is that God’s plan to restoring the world is to inspire human beings with “Holy Spirit” so that people all over the world live by the Spirit—that people would truly be spiritual beings. Whenever and wherever a human being lives by the Holy Spirit, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, life changes. There’s love. There’s joy. There’s peace. There’s patience. There’s kindness. And more. And it’s the kind of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc. that lasts. Jesus came to invite people to follow him and to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so they would take the life change the Holy Spirit inspires with them everywhere they go. Put another way, Jesus comes to be the Vine. To invite people to be branches in him. To have the same Spirit that flows through him flow through people. To bear the same fruit Jesus does: love, joy, peace… This fruit never dies. Never rots. It stands the test of time, the test of evil, the test of injustice, whatever test you can imagine, this fruit stands up to it. When you go to bed at night, you can rest knowing this. In this very practical series, we’re going to walk through what inspiration of the Holy Spirit looks like and feels like. We’re going to dig into why Jesus comes to ignite and inspire. What’s so good and freeing about that? To be very practical, we’re going to address this question nine different ways: What happens when “we live by the Spirit”? We’re going to do this so that people can a) have a better grasp on how inspired living is different than religious living b) taste and see the goodness of bearing the fruit that Jesus does with life and c) experience the serenity of “life that lasts” (aka is part of God’s dream to restore the world and isn’t part of the garbage that gets burned up in the end).

Scripture References: Galatians 5:15-26

From Series: "Sunday Gatherings"

Sunday Gatherings with HeavenEarth Church during the time of COVID. Many of these were held in the parking lot at the church.

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