Small Groups

A group of people you can count on

We understand you might struggle with religion

Still, you want to talk about life and God with people you can trust.

This is what we’re all about

Small groups are “tiny churches” of 6-9 people where you experience the greatest potential for personal growth and impact. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is included. Whether you grew up in church, or can’t stand the idea of church or religion, you are welcome.


Find a group of people you can trust to hold you up and be there for you through life’s ups and downs.

Spiritual Practices

Short description of what spiritual practices are specifically related to HEC.

Community Service

We exist to make a lasting impact on our community and our small groups are a big part that mission.

Find a group of people you can count on

We know you might not be interested in the Church or organized religion. That’s fine. In fact, we welcome it! Our groups are not just for people who are comfortable with church and religion. Groups are for everyone. 

Whether you love church, hate church, are indifferent to church, or have church has never even crossed your mind, we invite you to join a group.

Groups offer you the greatest potential for personal growth as well as community service.

Find a time and location that works for you

In Homes

Groups rotate meetings between homes of various members.

At Church

The church is always available for our groups to come together.


Some of our groups choose to meet online via Zoom.