Recovery is stronger in community

Wednesdays at 6:30

309 E. Main Street.

Recovering people supporting recovering people

Recovery Church is a safe community space where people receive peer-based support and spiritual foundations for recovery that make long-term freedom from addiction more possible. We call it a spiritual supplement to treatment and meetings—for anyone who wants to go deeper with spirituality as part of recovery.

What does it look like to be a part of Recovery Church?

We know when you’re struggling with addiction, you need support and you need it now. People in recovery in Johnson County have expressed a desire to incorporate spiritual guidance into their recovery journey. That is why we created Recovery Church.


Catered Meal

Each week we begin with a delicious catered meal together.


Supportive Community

We offer a safe space for people to share their truth and be supported by peers in recovery.

Spiritual Tools

We help each other grow with spiritual practices and service to promote lifelong faith and recovery.

Who is Recovery Church For?

Anyone who has struggled, or is struggling, with substance use. Whether you’ve been sober for less than 24 hours or for 24 years, you are welcome here.

Our 5 Pillars of Recovery Church

Our stepping stones to helping people achieve lasting recovery are:

A Safe Non-Judgmental Space

Tell Our Truth

Supporting Each Other in Transformation and New Behaviors

Utilizing Spiritual Practices

Building Camaraderie