Ross Stackhouse - March 7, 2021

BLESSED, pt 3: Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness

We may want to say one thing about what we hunger and thirst for. Our budgets, bank accounts and card statements tell the truth. Our calendars and screen time tell the truth. In our hungering and thirsting for many of the things we do, we’re trying to add something to our lives we just can't add to them. Jesus invites into a blessedness that is not contingent upon such things and indeed gives us the chance to encounter the God is mighty even in the face of death. When you realize not even death has power over your life in the presence of Jesus’s life, hungering and thirsting for fine dining, fancy clothes, and trophies for your shelf makes much less sense. When you develop an appetite for the simple, powerful presence of Jesus, who goes to the Cross before us and is raised from death, a different kind of blessedness comes into focus.

From Series: "Sunday Gatherings"

Sunday Gatherings with HeavenEarth Church during the time of COVID. Many of these were held in the parking lot at the church.

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