Ross Stackhouse - August 29, 2021

A Net People Threw into a Lake

This parable is a lesson in assumptions. The assumptions you bring into this parable will deeply affect the “truth” you walk away with. This is true for the entire Bible...for all of life. As I mention in the series sketch, these parables can give us an appetite for sitting with Jesus all the time. an aptitude for chewing on Scripture, especially when it’s hard, and an aspiration for the kingdom of heaven as Jesus describes. What are our assumptions? What do we need to reconsider to better understand from Jesus what the kingdom of heaven is like? This parable also offers us a lesson in listening carefully to what Jesus doesn’t say as much as what he does say.

From Series: "Sunday Gatherings"

Sunday Gatherings with HeavenEarth Church during the time of COVID. Many of these were held in the parking lot at the church.

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