Ross Stackhouse

Pastor of HeavenEarth Church

Ross Stackhouse and Angela Stackhouse selfie in the woods.

I have been drawn to Jesus’s life and teachings for as long as I can remember, and I’ve never felt like I fit neatly into church just as long.

I love Jesus–what he taught, how he treated people, what he stood for, what he died for. I also love people, and I have a special heart for the kind of people Jesus spent time with. People who felt like religion was no longer a legitimate source of purpose, healing, and hope. People who didn’t have much and weren’t considered much. People who hungered and thirsted for something more with life but couldn’t seem to find it. People whose life had taken a terrible turn and felt like there was no coming back.

I felt called to start HeavenEarth Church for these people and anyone who wants to live like Jesus.

I have been married to Angela since 2010. We have two awesome kids together, Boaz and Iva. After Jesus, they are the things I care about the most.

Before I came to Johnson County in July 2018, I was a pastor at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Carmel, where I served for six years.

I love playing and listening to music. I love coffee. I like carrot cake without raisins.

Being out in the wild–hiking, camping, exploring, sitting on the beach–is one of the best places to find God.

I also find God by sitting with family and friends at a supper table or in a sanctuary. I love helping people find God and the treasure of God through the Bible after religion gave them all the wrong impressions about such things–though I myself am still just a beginner.