Ross Stackhouse - February 7, 2021

Following Jesus in the Wasteland, pt 5 that a good word or a bad word to you? Either way, we can all agree there are many instances in our world when people have received and have used authority unfairly. Jesus challenged people who abused authority and power to build up their egos and false selves. He invites us to lay down our false selves and trust in who he is--to trust in his good authority from heaven. He invites us to fill our minds with thoughts and lives with actions that come from a true self grounded in trust in Jesus. He invites us to fill our lives with actions that reveal a dedication to neighbors and friends, even over ourselves at times.

From Series: "Sunday Gatherings"

Sunday Gatherings with HeavenEarth Church during the time of COVID. Many of these were held in the parking lot at the church.

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